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Are You Picky About Remodeling?

So are WE! We are Picky AND Passionate!

That’s why the average member of our staff, from crew to accounting, has worked for Gardner for 20 years. We hire picky and passionate people.

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Now Approved for Commercial Pools

Since 1969, from basic pool plasters to complete outdoor remodels, we guarantee satisfaction of even the most demanding vision.

Gardner has thrived this long for only two reasons – quality and service. Our goal is to do the job right the first time. When, occasionally, things go wrong, we fix them. We never walk away. That’s passion. Why are we so passionate? Because we know you will enjoy our work for years to come either by luxuriating in your beautifully remodeled pool or admiring from your kitchen window. That’s a lot of responsibility and we take that seriously.

We love the client phone call asking why we didn’t show up to work because his yard is too clean.  Or when our Project Manager calls a client after work to confirm they remembered to bring in the dog before our crew arrives in the morning.  Or how we triple-check our work with three levels of field management.

Gardner has consistently been the preferred supplier of pool plastering for architects, engineers, designers and pool builders.

You are not a customer of Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling; you are a client.  To us, there is a big difference.  Ask us why.

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Look for 7 more quotes from clients throughout our website!

“What a difference from the old pool! Great Job! Thank you!”

Tokie Lancaster

Gardner is your One-Stop Shop solution for all pool and outdoor hardscape remodeling.

We add beautiful Ledgerstone firepits and Fireplaces to backyards. Want to kick the chef outside? We can build him the perfect Outdoor Kitchen. Retaining walls, planters, decks, deck overlays not to mention all the equipment, plumbing and electrical work that your pool and spa may need. We have our own qualified, professional and very experienced crew members, vehicles and trucks to ensure a quality job on a tight schedule.

We really mean it when we say “We do it all.”


Gardner has been awarded as exclusive Licensed Applicator for a superior pool finish called AquaBRIGHT™. AquaBRIGHT™ is so durable and beautiful that waterparks in So. CA. are installing in their pools. CLICK HERE for more information.


From Plaster to Beadcrete, we satisfy your vision.
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